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From David Castro <>
Subject RE: JMimeMagic (was [fileUpload] file content-type)
Date Thu, 25 May 2006 05:31:25 GMT
Whelp, it's a good thing I periodically google for my projects to see
what folks are saying about them.  I noticed that this thread existed
and unlike the thread implied, I have already responded (with neither a
return response, nor a bounce that I am aware of) to the person who
stated he could not contact me (Mark Webb).  You can see the attached
mbox with my messages.

I'd be interested in all feedback and would certainly be open to
contributing my code.  As I mentioned in the attached messages, I have
already considered it before.

And yes, jMimeMagic is less than perfect.  It was born out of my own
pain and my own needs (as software often is).  I tried to make it
somewhat usable for other folks though.  There are certainly a thousand
things that could be done better.  I have many changes that I would like
to make myself.  It's simply a matter of time and demand.  I do have a
full-time job unfortunately =P

Tisk tisk tisk...folks are just so eager to criticize.  Certainly not
every design decision I made was perfect and just as certainly there are
many more optimizations to be made.  Formats need to change, new magic
rules to be added, etc. etc.  But c'mon fair, don't just say
blah blah blah it sucks.

Anyhow, I'd love to participate.  If that means from scratch, so be it. 
But let's have a discussion about what everyone doesn't like and why,
what we'd like to see refactored, etc.  As far as I am aware, jMimeMagic
is the only open source java MIME/content detection library out there. 
If it makes sense to re-use some of it, then we should.

Oh yeah...heh...nice to meet you all.  I'm David (arimus).  <wave/>  My
real job is as a Software Architect for a software vendor in Irvine,
CA.  I moonlight as an open source developer who wishes it could be his
full-time job ;)


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