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From Antranig Basman <>
Subject [transaction] Memory leaks in GenericLockManager, FileResourceManager
Date Mon, 22 May 2006 22:00:06 GMT
In recent load testing I've uncovered a number of leaks in 
commons-transaction, in the two components mentioned above.
I believe the reason these have not previously come to light might
well be that I am using the "lightweight transaction" model, 
whereby no transaction argument is supplied to the ResourceManager,
and it creates a "lightweight transaction" intended to endure while
the stream is kept open.
I guess this code path is not well tested, in favour of the
heavyweight transaction model since I have found so far I believe 
three leaks.

The most straightforward of them is in GenericLockManager, where
the lock owner is not being released properly - I have
the following:

(revision 408762)
(working copy)
@@ -337,6 +337,8 @@
+            // AMB fix leak 
+            globalOwners.remove(ownerId);

There seem to be two leaks in FileResourceManager,
but I gave up trying to patch them precisely on seeing that they
both centred around the globalOpenResources table, which as far
as I can see is not used anywhere in the codebase, and only 
seems to serve the function of hanging onto FileInputStream objects 
long after they should have been collected :P - after a few attempts I
just commented out all references to this member entirely.

Can we just get away with synchronizing on "openResourcs" inside
context.closerResources() and context.registerResource?

If anyone is interested I could renew my efforts to find more
fine-grained patches - for example in the current version rev
375638 there should definitely at line 1628 be a call to


following the call to 

I can't recall where the 3rd leak site was, but it was certainly
resolved by commenting out globalOpenResources.


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