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From will pugh <>
Subject Re: [VFS] Getting package entry compressed size
Date Wed, 17 May 2006 18:48:15 GMT
For Zip files, has a getCompressedSize method on it.  I think 
this should give you what you need on the zip side of things.  Of 
course, this might just not make sense for tar.gz.

How does VFS operate on tar.gz now anyways?  Are you able to pull files 
out when it's in a compressed state, or do you need to uncompess it first?


Mario Ivankovits wrote:

>>Could it be possible to add method for receiving also compressed size of
>>file inside a package (zip, tgz etc)?
>No, I dont think so. As far as I know the zip library do not provide
>such an information and in case of tar.gz the situations is even more
>tar is an archive only (no compression)
>this archive will be compressed using gzip
>So the files inside an tar archive even dont know that they are
>compressed and so they didnt know its compressed file size.
>In case of .tar.gz the whole tar is compressed at once - not at file level.
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