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From Nestor Urquiza <>
Subject [scxml] Data() xpath and the syntax
Date Thu, 25 May 2006 17:46:09 GMT
Hello guys,
I am trying to assign to a variable "offer" a given
information I have in my settings file (which is
already in the datamodel). 

I have two variables "appId" and "mk" which I have
already in the rootContext and are related to the
offer by the following xpath:

xpath to evaluate which returns the needed value if I
use just an xpath utility:

of course appId='SplashPage1OfClient1' and

So using Data('bubp', xpath) fails in the two cases
below ...

1)I obtain empty string for:
<n:var name="offerxpath"
expr="'//frontEndApplication[@name=' + appId +
']/mk[@name=' +  mk + ']/offer/@name'"/>

2)I obtain an EXPRESSION_ERROR for:
<n:var name="offerxpath"
expr="'//frontEndApplication[@name=' + '\\'' +appId +
'\\'' + ']/mk[@name=' + '\\'' + mk + '\\'' +

or using just one slash as well for the second case.

Can any of you tell me how am I supposed to put the
original xpath string in the Data() function for it to
interprets correctly the xpath?


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