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From Nestor Urquiza <>
Subject [scxml] Handling exceptions thrown by custom actions
Date Mon, 15 May 2006 14:47:01 GMT
Hello guys,
Could you point me to what you think might be the best
approach here?

I receive a request and pass that request to the scxml
engine by means of triggering the proper event. The
event then put the FSM in an action state where some
internal methods (custom actions) are called.

How could I just suspend the whole execution of the
trigger and go back to the state the application was
before receiving the external event? Right now if an
exception is thrown from a custom action then a  new
SCXMLExpressionException(e) is thrown as well so the
FSM stops and therefore the FSM stops at the action
state while of course I want it to go back to the
original state.

Thanks a lot,
Nestor Urquiza 

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