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From Heiko <>
Subject [IO] - Wildcard filter for directories
Date Tue, 02 May 2006 20:49:00 GMT

two questions concerning the package:

- I would like to have wildcard filtering for directories, but WildcardFilter 
works only for plain files. So I just implemented a class 
DirectoryWildcardFilter. Could that class be of interest to the commons-io 

- I would have assumed that the wildcard matching is done via, but is isn't. I'm 
not sure if 
* the existing WildcardFilter should be extended by a useMatchOnSystem method 
or likewise,
* a new WildcardOnSystemFilter would be better
* ...

Sorry if i ask a already answered question but I couldn't find it in the more 
recent list archives.

Heiko Blau

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