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Subject Re: Re: [betwixt] Versioning of XML Output
Date Thu, 18 May 2006 08:54:09 GMT
>>> Hi all,
>>> I'm using betwixt in an environment where I'm converting beans to xml in
>>> order to build SOAP/XML messages. For proper SOAP handling, a WSDL
>>> definition is necessary including XSDs.
>>> To support all soap clients in the field (e.g. which are using the
>>> Axis framework) the generated XML has to be controlled carefully mainly
>>> it comes to adding new elements (nodes, attributes) to an existing XML
>>> structure. "Older" SOAP Clients will probably complain when the
>>> XML has elements which were not permitted by the older XSD/WSDL
>sounds like an interesting problem 

it definitely ist ;-)

>>> I think this could be done by adding a String attribute "since" to the
>>> ElementDescriptor/AttributeDescriptor classes. 
>>> The value for "since" would be provided in the .betwixt file:
>>> <attribute name='name' property='name' since='1.01'/>
>>> Provided this is possible, a ValueSuppressionStrategy could be
>>> suppressing the XML output for older versions/clients.
>sounds like a cunning plan with a good chance of success
>perhaps value suppression won't be sufficient: wouldn't you need to
>suppress elements as well as values. i suppose that this could be done
>by asking betwixt to prune empty elements, though.

you're right, ElementSuppression is what would be best, although
ValueSuppression should work for me since my betwixt configuration supresses
empty elements.

However, if possible, please go for ElementSuppression :-)

>>> Or is something similar already possible in betwixt ?
>definitely not out of the box 
>i have more energy now that JCL 1.1 has finally been released. i'd
>recommend trying out your solution but i'll try to find some time
>tomorrow to play around myself...


>- robert
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