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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject Re: betwixt: No updater for ...
Date Tue, 30 May 2006 22:08:59 GMT
hi ken

sorry i've been so long in picking this one up...

On Thu, 2006-05-25 at 15:29 -0600, Ken Miller wrote:
> I have an object that contains a Collection of some simple beans, as
> well as a couple of attributes.  The XML generated by Betwixt looks like
> this:
> <FolderList nextFolderId="2" id="1">
>     <folder folderId="0" folderName="One" id="2"/>
>     <folder folderId="1" folderName="Two" id="3"/>
> </FolderList>


> The Folder object is instantiated, and the attrributes for it are set
> to the correct value, but FolderList.addFolder() is never invoked to
> insert the Folder object back into it's parent.  The end result is that
> the FolderList object is returned with no Folders.  Not good.

yes - not good
> Am I missing a mapping rule somewhere?

the problem is likely to be the plural stemming: betwixt guesses the
adder from the getter name and matches them up in that fashion. the
default plural stemmer algorithm is may not match    

public void addFolder(Folder folder);
public Collection getFolderList();

a good way to test this hypothesis is by unit testing the default plural
stemmer. if the problem is the plural stemmer then just create a new
strategy extending the default one that knows about your naming

let me know if this doesn't fix the problem and i'll take a deeper look
into it.
> I'm using the current dev build of Betwixt (as of yesterday).


BTW i usually spend quite a bit of time setting up scenarios such as
this to find out what's going wrong (yes: i know mapping is too hard and
obscure - i was working on a GUI application which would help to map
betwixt and JIBX last year but got a little sidetracked...). the more
time i need to spend to provide an answer, the longer it'll take me to
find time. so, anyone who contributes a unit test to the ASF through
JIRA demonstrating your particular use case will find a quicker

- robert

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