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From "Melvin DeSilva" <>
Subject [NET] FTP of filenames with chinese, greek characters etc..
Date Fri, 12 May 2006 16:58:15 GMT

I am trying to transfer files which have greek or chinese characters in the 
Filename1 = ΞΠΦ
Filename2 = 试验

I am using GET from an unix ftp server to windows client.

1) If I do not setContentEncoding(), the files get transferred with 
incorrect filenames.
filenames = ΞΠΦ   and     试验

2) If I setContentEncoding("UTF-8"), the filenames get transferred 
correctly, but the files are empty.

This is my code:
OutputStream output = new FileOutputStream(localPath);
InputStream input = ftp.retrieveFileStream(remotePath);
transferred = Util.copyStream(input, output);

Thanks in advance

Melvin Desilva 

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