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From Jörg Schaible <>
Subject Re: JMimeMagic (was [fileUpload] file content-type)
Date Wed, 19 Apr 2006 17:29:36 GMT
Sandy McArthur wrote:

> This project would also benefit from providing metadata to the  Java
> Activation Framework.
> On 4/19/06, Markus Härnvi <> wrote:
>> Jörg Schaible wrote:
>> > That would have been my approach also. I was just not sure, whether we
>> > should bundle the magic file or try to locate it (this is the
>> > interesting part and highly system dependent). And a user might have an
>> > additional magic file in its home - at least this can be located.
>> I would wote for bundle, but maybe with an option to search for it.
>> Windows users don't have it at all, I guess.
> I'm of the mind that a file type matcher interface should be declared
> and various implementations should be provided by factories discovered
> by the Java Service Provider framework [1].  This would allow a basic
> implementation that creates matchers from an existing unix-like magic
> file and more complete implementations can be dropped in later by
> simply adding them to the classpath.

So we're back to the Service Provider discussion, since [1] only refers a
specification, but no implementation :)

What was the consensus regarding this in lang? IIRC basically yes, but
no-one did provide it :)

> The hard part is what that matcher interface expects the data to be
> in. I can imagine programmers wanting to discover what byte arrays,
> InputStreams, Readers, Strings, ByteBuffer, and Files contain.
> Personally, I think Streams and Reader should be dropped as they
> aren't designed for seek ability and you have to jump through hoops to
> keep the bytes you read to discover the file type available elsewhere.
> I like the java.nio.ByteBuffer as the format pass data into the
> matcher as it's rather easy to get data into it and it can be
> optimized for File sources.

ByteBuffer is 1.4, but probably it is time to move on at least for new

> 1.
> -- Sandy McArthur
> "He who dares not offend cannot be honest."
> - Thomas Paine

- Jörg

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