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From "Rahul Akolkar" <>
Subject Re: [scxml] SCXMLExecutor#getSCInstance ... any chance to make it public?
Date Thu, 20 Apr 2006 15:56:52 GMT
On 4/20/06, Nestor Urquiza <> wrote:
> Agree about documentation. I will post my usecase
> implementation whenever a finish it at least the steps
> I followed to get my State Oriented Business Protocol
> working.

That'll be nice, thanks.

> I would say that the simpler the example the better
> the guide so I would build a second
> and
> to show for example
> method invocation (at least for jexl), context
> manipulation and maybe payload operations.

Method invocation is straightforward, so probably not worth creating
that extra set. A test case that showcases it, OTOH, will be a welcome

> I have a
> little idea about what a payload can do for me for
> executing events but an example would definetely help.
> Maybe what you put in the payload object is available
> within the context and therefore I do not need the
> exec getter I am asking for because instead of using:
> evts[0] = new TriggerEvent(this.getClass().getName(),
>                  TriggerEvent.SIGNAL_EVENT, null);
> I can use:
> evts[0] = new TriggerEvent(this.getClass().getName(),
>                  TriggerEvent.SIGNAL_EVENT,
> myContextObject);
> I am sorry if I did not quite get what a payload is
> :-( ... maybe a future thread subject from me to come.

Yup, payload becomes variable "_eventdata". Read the _eventdata
section of the W3C draft or search the archives for it, I remember a
couple of posts on that recently.

> Commonly you do not have a lot of time to reverse
> engineering and for sure more memebers of the open
> community would contribute if the real power of
> commons-scxml is shown in a very simple manner.

Hard to disagree with that ;-) Again, all feedback on documentation is
welcome. So, where would you expect to find a note on method
invocation (and another one on payloads) in the user guide [1]? Lets
add these two bits, as a small step towards that goal. Other rough
edges in the docs?



> Thanks,
> Nestor

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