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From "Rahul Akolkar" <>
Subject Re: [SCXML] uml2bpel cool, but what about csxml2bpel?
Date Thu, 06 Apr 2006 15:24:12 GMT
On 4/6/06, Nestor Urquiza <> wrote:
> --- Rahul Akolkar <> wrote:
> >
> > Yes, that plugin takes the EMF model for the state
> > chart diagram and
> > converts it to its SCXML document serialization.
> Could you help me to get that plugin?

Could you please put a line or two of whitespace between the earlier
post and yours? Sorry if I'm being too picky, it just takes less
effort to read if there is some whitespace between responses. Thanks
in advance.

Let me check on the plugin front, last time I checked it wasn't
publicly available (but it was meant to be at some point AFAIK).

> > None of the Java
> > classes for the usecases involved any roundtrips
> > from the modeling
> > layer, primarily because the usecases make for
> > fairly trivial class
> > diagrams. But that is indeed the larger picture.
> Perfect! and what about the classes for the main
> common-scxml api? Are you making or planning roundtrip
> for them?
> >

Yes, Commons SCXML started with a UML class diagram. I might still
have the initial cuts lying around somewhere. The model package is
mostly code-gen'ed from that UML model. There are fewer round-trips
these days. Ofcourse, this is not really relevant to our other
discussion, but merely some trivia at this point :-)


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