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From "Mike Sparr -" <>
Subject Re: [SCXML]: BUG: Inner States with no InitialState
Date Sat, 08 Apr 2006 03:18:49 GMT
Initialstate is attribute of the <scxml> tag:

<scxml xmlns="" version="1.0"

<state id="state_welcome">
<transition event="menu" cond="${x=y}"></transition>
<transition event="menu" cond="${y=z}"></transition>
<transition event="greet"></transition>


In the above scenario, given "greet" doesn't have any guard conditions, it
will be processed.  I'm no guru on the spec but have learned that like you
stated previously the least demanding "wins".  I also learned that you want
it AFTER your guard conditions so they are considered after all, it would
win if a condition above it were not met even if there were other conditions


View the W3C Spec page on SCXML and look at Example 6.  It essentially gives
you the fundamentals in a variety of examples.



On 4/7/06 5:46 PM, "Fasih" <> wrote:

> Hi
> With reference to my last mail. I tried to add the rest of the states as child
> state to the one which does the default error handling(I had missed out the
> <initialstate>). I get a NullPointerException.
> The problem is with:
> io/SCXMLDigester.html#955
> It checks for a null, and continues using the state. How do I file a BUG?
> +Fasih

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