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From "Mike Sparr -" <>
Subject [SCXML] ordering of transitions
Date Fri, 07 Apr 2006 08:30:53 GMT
I found that if we have a multiple transition events within a state and any
without a guard condition get processed before reaching the guard conditions
of the other transition events.  Is this the expected behavior?

For instance:

<state id="1">
<transition event="menu"></transition>
<transition event="choice" cond="${request.input == 'help'}"> do something /
target state = 2 </transition>
<transition event="choice" cond="${request.input == 'call'}"> do something
else / target state=2 </transition>

<state id="2">
 ... stuff

It never processes the guard conditions, however if I place the first event
without the guard condition AFTER the two with, even though they have
different event names, it works?

Any reasoning behind this.  I get odd errors where it actually creates 2
states simultaneously.


Also, what are the rules with using the single quotes within double quotes
for variables.  When referencing the variables I set expr="'something'" it
actually passed 'something' instead of something ???



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