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From "Mike Sparr -" <>
Subject [SCXML] variable scoping
Date Thu, 06 Apr 2006 01:28:36 GMT
Can someone help with variables?  I want to declare some global variables
for the xml engine, then have various conditional events set the values of
those variables.  I would like to have access to those variables from one
transition event to the next.   I get the following errors:

09:04:02,372 WARN  [SimpleErrorReporter] UNDEFINED_VARIABLE (fromAccount =
09:04:02,372 WARN  [SimpleErrorReporter] UNDEFINED_VARIABLE (fromAccount =
09:04:02,372 WARN  [SimpleErrorReporter] UNDEFINED_VARIABLE (toAccount =



<state id="logged_in">
<var name="fromAccount" />
<var name="toAccount" />
     <transition event="banking.transfer" cond="${empty fromAccount and
empty toAccount}">
            <var name="cb" expr="${Conversation}" />
            <assign name="fromAccount" expr="${cb.request}" />
            <send target="http://localhost:8080/app" targettype="client"
event="banking.transfer" namelist="cb fromAccount toAccount" delay="0"
hints="" sendid="0009"><vxml version="2.0">
<field name="input">
To Account?
<grammar src="builtin:grammar/digits?length=7"></grammar>
<filled namelist="input">
<submit next="http://localhost:8080/app/Voice" namelist="input"/>
         <target next="logged_in" />


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