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From "Wait, David L PWR" <>
Subject [scxml] issues for large sims?
Date Fri, 21 Apr 2006 20:13:34 GMT

Thanks Rahul for all your responses to questions.

I have been watching SCXML evolve at the w3c site and the scxml commons
project with much interest.

Here's the usecase we are interested in.  We are exploring improving our
time-domain simulations of power generation and distribution networks
having very many interacting objects (at least thousands).  Imagine a
simulation very similar to a scaled-up version of the stop-watch
example; maybe a dozen different kinds of "stop-watches", each having
thousands of instances interacting with each other in a way that depends
on the current status of their finite-state-machines.  Other kinds of
classes would be designed to solve a network of physics-based equations
where the "knowns" depend on the current statuses of states and the
"unknowns" are other properties evolving over time.  Most events are
triggered by the objects themselves; others may be triggered through

Given my limited description, do you foresee any issues to watch out for
in this kind of application?


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