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From Oliver Heger <>
Subject Re: [Configuration]: Hierarchical configurations ?
Date Fri, 28 Apr 2006 09:24:29 GMT
Michiel Kalkman wrote:

>I now have a configuration 'configuration1.xml' like
>  <xml fileName="SampleConfiguratie.xml"/>
>Which gives me - with the following code - the keys/values provided in
>final ConfigurationFactory configurationFactory = new
>Is it possible to create a second configuration configuration that refers to
>the first ('configuration1.xml'), like:
>  <configuration fileName="configuration1.xml"/>
>and still get the same keys/values after getConfiguration() ?
>Thanks for any replies,
Hi Michiel,

not sure if I understand you correctly: you want a configuration
definition file (to be processed by a ConfigurationFactory) to be
included into another one?

In the current release (version 1.2) this is not supported. In
subversion [1] there is a new class DefaultConfigurationBuilder, which
can be used as alternative to ConfigurationFactory. The design of this
class makes it possible to add such an include feature quite easily. I
will have a look how this can be done. Note that there is still work on
this class and its documentation in progress.

Unfortunately this won't help you with your current problem.



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