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From denis queffeulou <>
Subject Re: [betwixt] manage list
Date Wed, 05 Apr 2006 09:07:01 GMT
Thanks for sample, it works.
I think I found a difference with my code : the <addDefaults/> tag.
If I delete the addDefaults from your sample, it doesn't work any more 
(as mine), no element is output.

I guess I had not understand the meaning of this tag but the problem 
with addDefaults is that Betwixt adds all remaining elements. For 
example if I use it  :
        <element name="recipients">
            <element name="recipient" property="recipients" 
adder="addRecipient" class="java.lang.String"/>
        <element name="shortcode" property="shortcode"/>

I got the following XML which duplicates the shortcode element:


My problem is to control the order of the elements and I cannot do it 
with the addDefaults tag (?)


> Hello, here is some code for you. This code will create a class with a 
> LinkedList. The elements of this list are Strings. The whole structure 
> is parsed to XML. I have tried to parse the XML into a bean and it 
> works too, and re-parse to XML again. The code is attachement.
> Hope this help you.
> denis queffeulou escribió:
>> Sorry I've just read a mail in the archive for the subject [XXX]
>> I've found the DTD in another archive mail (but still no adder 
>> attribute, which seems to have been replaced with updater ?)
>> So if I use :
>>        <element name="recipients">
>>            <element name="recipient" property="recipients" 
>> updater="addRecipient"/>
>>        </element>
>> The addRecipient method is called two times with a *null* parameter.
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