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From Nestor Urquiza <>
Subject Re: [scxml] <assign> tag
Date Wed, 26 Apr 2006 09:54:39 GMT
So is this a thing to be reported to w3c right? Could
you tell where?

Also it is very intersting that I was planning to use
an xml to javabean kind of mapping in order to be able
to test for conditions that are expressend in an
external xml settings file.

This discussion has shown that I could use the data
model to test directly for those conditions and I see
two/maybe three possible ways:

1)I include the data model within the scxml file.

2)From java code I insert automatically the datamodel
as part of the scxml file. Any method available for
doing that already?

3)I reference the external xml file using the @src
attribute but as you said it is not yet supported.

For my usecase I need the setting file (the one that
holds the datamodel) to be hidden from my clients but
I need the scxml file to be readable by them. Of
course I can always put everything in just an scxml
file and then using xslt publish just the interesting
nodes for cients (ommitting the data model for
example). I can also refer to an http source (if later
implemented) that is only accessible from the system
IP but I see option 2 like the best for my case.

Thanks as always for your advice,

--- Rahul Akolkar <> wrote:

> On 4/25/06, Nestor Urquiza <>
> wrote:
> > Hello guys,
> > According to the scxml schema now @name is not
> > supported as an attribute. However the current
> > implementation accounts for it (@expr, @location
> and
> > @src are the only attributes)
> >
> > Does this mean we have to put @location instead of
> > @name? The current library interprets @name but
> not
> > @location
> >
> <snip/>
> The schema is off in this regard, the <assign> usage
> with the @name
> matches the <var> declaration. The usage with the
> @location matches
> the <data> declaration. Assignments may have:
>  * lvalue as a scratch space variable defined by
> <var>
>    <assign name="..." expr="..." />
>  * lvalue as a node of a XML <data> tree
>    <assign location="..." expr="..." />
>  * lvalue and rvalue as a node of a XML <data> tree
>    <assign location="..." expr="..." /> <!-- expr
> evaluates to a node -->
> See this test case [1] for usages (being a test
> case, the purpose is
> to showcase <assign> usages, the state machine isn't
> supposed to mean
> anything). The data model bits (<datamodel>, <data>,
> <var>, <assign>,
> and the EL / JEXL Data() function) deserve an entire
> section in the
> Commons SCXML user guide, once one of us writes it
> up.
> The @src for <assign> is not yet supported (since no
> one's using it I
> guess) -- but should be a straightforward addition.
> -Rahul
> (long, possibly fragmented URL below)
> [1]
> > Thanks!
> >
> <snap/>
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