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From Nestor Urquiza <>
Subject [SCXML] uml2bpel cool, but what about csxml2bpel?
Date Wed, 05 Apr 2006 07:03:47 GMT
Hi everyone,
Yesterday I posted something about the job I am
planning to do for a business protocol and Rauhl
headed me up towards BPEL4WS.
I then found
as a tool for converting from Rational UML diagrams to
BPEL ... the problem I see with that approach is that
a diagram is not easy to maintain as it is an xml
file. CSXML is the xml representation of a StateChart
diagram and I am wondering if anyone here knows about
any plans from IBM or better open source to use them
both (CSXML and BPEL).
My particular task does not require SOAP and in fact
seems like the clients are more for simple GET/POST
still of course having a state behaviour. Of course in
any case since Web Services are a future target I am
interesting in getting any info you might be have
about this.
Maybe you can point me to a better place to post this
proposal (ibm - developer works, eclipse framework or
one of the already existing UML frameworks)
Any help greatly appreciated. Reinventing wheel is
something I do not want to do for sure

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