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From "Remko Popma" <>
Subject [logging] log4j TRACE support justifies minor release
Date Thu, 16 Mar 2006 02:00:38 GMT
I hope this is the correct mailing list, apologies if dev would have been

Support for TRACE-level logging has been available for about eight months
now (log4j 1.2.12 was released in August 2005).
As you are probably aware, the current commons.logging release (1.0.4)
outputs Log.trace() calls at DEBUG level, even if the underlying log4j
version supports the TRACE level.

I understand that this will be fixed in the upcoming JCL 1.1 release, but
this release will also include many other features and fixes, and the
Release Plan wiki page
does not have a release date and shows the status as "Preparations for
Alpha 1".
This sounds like a release is still a long time (several months) away.

I also saw that plans for a 1.0.5 release (with support for log4j TRACE
level logging) were cancelled because developers wanted to include so many
new features that a 1.1 release was justified.

I think it is great that developers are so enthusiastic and have many
ideas about how to improve JCL. For servlet-related work, the JCL 1.1
release is probably a great step forward. However, there must be many
developers working on both servlet and non-servlet projects who would
*really* like to have proper TRACE support in commons.logging soon, and
who don't like to wait for the JCL 1.1 release.
Please don't become like log4j 1.3, which has a zillion great features and
will be released Real Soon Now...

I believe that TRACE support alone would justify a minor release.
Would it be a lot of work to release a new version of commons.logging
(1.0.5) with *only* the TRACE issue fixed, and no other changes?

--Remko Popma

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