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Subject DBPC - Tomcat 5.5 JDBC Configuration Query
Date Fri, 10 Mar 2006 09:54:22 GMT


Appologies if this in not the correct list for this query.

I am attempting to configure JDBC connection pooling in tomcat 5.5 and have
some difficulty understanding the various configuration  settings from the
parameter descriptions on the DBCP pages.

We are currently using

to access an Oracle 8i database using the Oracle thin driver from a pair of
load balanced servers.

The connection functions correctly but we are having difficulty
understanding how the various parameters interact so that we can tune our
servers correctly.

When we monitor the connections from the database end we cannot correlate
what we see with the paramaters used.

Is there an overview somewhere explaining how the connections are set up,
reused and destroyed that relates to the parameter descriptions.

for example maxIdle is decrbed as 'The maximum number of active connections
that can remain idle in the pool without extra ones being released"
what do active and idle mean in this context, how can active connections be
idle and does released mean created or destroyed ?

any guidance much appreciated.

Pete Jessup

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