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From Christian Hufgard <>
Subject Re: Strange problem with Digester and Log4j
Date Tue, 28 Mar 2006 21:20:50 GMT
Hi rk_

> I am running into a strange  NoSuchMethodError when using
> the latest version 1.7 of Digester with the version 1.2.9
> of Log4j. I have a very simple digester ruleset (but I
> think that is irrelevant).  The version of commons-beanutils
> is the latest I could download from Jakarta.

> Beanutils seems to be invoking an undefined method in
>  org.apache.log4j.Category. I call this strange because
> when I repackage the classes* into
> the default package the error disappears. This gives me
> an impression that this may have to do with class loading.

Maybe you have gone to classloader hell. I do not know, if this still
is a problem (we are using various components from commons and have
not found any problem yet) but it seems, that you might be there.

Maybe you want to take a look at , also you probably won't
find a solution there, it is still an interesting page. ;)

Can anyone confirm, if these problems are still present? And what can
be done to preserve them?


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