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From Oliver Heger <>
Subject Re: XMLConfiguration: Keyname list
Date Tue, 28 Mar 2006 11:41:47 GMT wrote:
> Thanks Oliver.
>> For which purpose do you need these keys?
> I need a functionality to convert an "XMLConfiguration" object to a
> "Properties" object.
> Given that there is no direct support (including
> ConfigurationConverter.getProperties(..)) I decided to build the Properties 
> and hence required the list of keys.
> I was thinking of going down the route of HierarchicalConfiguration.Node,
> but seems a bit too much work to perform the task, given that we can access
> individual keys using indices. Do you know the thinking behind this
> approach?
It's probably because nobody had this use case before ;-)

> Any other ideas?
The newest code in SVN allows to set an ExpressionEngine for a 
hierarchical configuration for supporting different query languages. The 
ExpressionEngine is also responsible for generating keys for the 
contained properties. So by implementing a custom ExpressionEngine (that 
can extend DefaultExpressionEngine) you could plug in your own strategy 
for naming keys. Don't know if this easier than traversing the Nodes.



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