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From Stephen Colebourne <>
Subject Re: Using Predicate
Date Thu, 23 Mar 2006 01:25:52 GMT
Your problems may be due to the fact that two arrays with the same 
contents are not equal (the equals() method doesn't return true). This 
is a historic oddity in Java.

If you change each of your collection elements to be a List instead of 
an array I expect that the predicate would work.


Carlos Chavez wrote:
> Hello people,
> I have a collection where each items is a array of object( object[] ),
> I want to use UniquePredicate to filter each item based on two items in the
> array (object[])
> But, i can't figure out how the UniquePredicate work. the docs says:
> Evaluates the predicate returning true if the input object hasn't been
> received yet.
> I want to extend this for my object[], but i don't know at wich moment this
> predicate indicate that the element exist in the collection.
> any help are welcome.
> Cheers.
> --
> Carlos Chávez

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