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From Matthias K├╝mmerer <>
Subject [vfs] UnkownHostKey
Date Fri, 17 Mar 2006 22:26:46 GMT

Im am trying to establish an SFTP connection to an SFTP Server
( with JCommander (,
which uses the commons vfs. Unfortunately I always get a
FileSystemExecption: "Could not connect to SFTP server at
" UnknownHostKey:". Other
people are able to use JCommanders SFTP without any problems, but I
don't know, what I am doing wrong.

Although I read the documentation, I do not yet fully understand the
hostkey mechanism. Don't vfs create needed hostkeys on its own, possibly
after asking? I think I have read somewhere, that hosts are saved in
$HOME/.ssh/known_hosts. But this file does not exist, and creating it
does not help either.  I found the function
SftpFileSystemConfigBuilder.setStrictHostKeyChecking(), but I did not
find any information about how to use it, as JCommander uses the
FileSystemManager VFS.getManager(). But actually I should not have to
change anything in the code, as other people are able to uses it without

Any help would be very appreciated,

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