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From Mark Fortner <>
Subject [vfs] FileSelectInfo Question
Date Thu, 16 Mar 2006 22:49:59 GMT
I'm still struggling with figuring out FileSelectInfo objects.  I'm 
trying to make some Swing VFS components, and doing wholesale replaces 
of File with FileObject code has been rather time consuming and 
aggravating because most of the File methods don't have their equivalent 
counterparts in FileObject.  They're either somewhere else or don't exist.

One example of this is the VFS version of FileFilters which uses the 
accept(FileSelectInfo ) method rather than accept(FileObject ).  There 
doesn't seem to be a way to turn a FileObject into a FileSelectInfo 
object.  And even though you mentioned that the FileSelectInfo gives you 
access to the root, and a few other things, I still don't see what value 
that has when you're trying to filter based on either name or metadata. 

The last time I ran into this problem, I simply created a class called 
VFSFileFilter which implemented accept(FileObject ) and continued on my 
way; however, I realize that that's not the way it's supposed to be 

So... what's the right way?
How do I get accept(FileObject ) to work?  Casting doesn't seem to 
work.  I get runtime exceptions.


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