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From "Daniel F. Savarese" <>
Subject Re: [net] ls command not working for Win CE
Date Mon, 27 Mar 2006 20:00:28 GMT

In message <>, "Bhuva
neswari T" writes:
>for Linux and Windows. But If I connect to Win CE, there are files in a
>directory and if I use command prompt ftp, the "ls" command gives the
>filelist. But using the listFiles() method in the FTPClient inside the
>commons-net, it returns the filelist size as 0. Is it a bug with the
> package. Can anyone help me sorting this out.

The directory listing format may be peculiar.  You may have to use
one of the custom list parsers and if one of those doesn't work,
then you may have to customize one of them.  It's not too difficult
because of Steven Cohen's hard work.  In most cases, all you have to
do is specify a regular expression.  If none of this makes any sense,
then make a copy of the list output and attach it to a bugzilla report
and someone from the dev team will look at it.  I couldn't say off the
top of my head if this is something that would require a WinCE entry
parser or if it can be rolled into the an existing parser such as


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