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From "Mike Ferraro" <>
Subject [Configuration] cloning FileConfigurations?
Date Fri, 10 Mar 2006 20:13:17 GMT
The HierarchicalConfiguration class contains a clone() method, to allow
decoupling of a configuration from the underlying file to prevent ill
effects during configuration updates.  So, for example, I can clone an
XMLConfiguration for a user's session in a web app and update the
configuration file underneath so that the updates will be active for the
next user and the current user will not experience some undesirable
effect due to the change.

My question is why this concept does not exist at a higher level?  It
would seem that any class that implements the FileConfiguration
interface (and therefore the ReloadingStategy concept), should implement
a method that allows the configuration to be temporarily decoupled from
the source.  Are there any plans for cloning to be enforced at a
FileConfiguration level?

>From a completely selfish standpoint, I have a CompositeConfiguration
object that contains several PropertiesConfigurations and
XMLConfigurations with different reloading strategies.  I'd like to
clone this for each user session for the above mentioned reason.
Ideally, the CompositeConfiguration would be clonable (cloning each of
the encapsulated configurations), but barring that, it would be nice to
be able to loop through the contained configurations and perform a
FileConfiguration.clone() on each object.  Or maybe there's another way
to do this that I'm not seeing?


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