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From "pietromarrone\@inwind\.it" <>
Subject Validator-Struts problem reloading page
Date Fri, 03 Feb 2006 09:47:31 GMT
A question on Struts - Validator and refresh page:
I have a form with tws "select" fields, second depending from the second.
Example: first is choose State then the sedond needs to be populated with choosen state countries,
if the user change state again the country again needs to be reloaded.

I solved this problem this way:
On "onChange" of state select I call "Refresh" method of my DispatchAction, on submitting
Save I call "Save" method of the same DispatchAction. (Note: Refresh and Save are my owns

On Refresh method I check the select state and populate the country bean, then dispatch to
the same page.
On Save method I do the real Submit action, then dispatch to confirm page.

All works fine, but when I introduced the Validator framework it try to validate the formBean
also when the Refresh method is caming to be called, while it should not be executed.

Now I ask you:
- There is a manner to call Validaror only when I want to validate, obviously continuing to
use the Validator framework.
- Is my way to reload the page in order to populate the second select field correct, or there
is a different and better manner? (I cant use javascript way, my second select field contains
too opions).


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