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From "Paul DeCoursey" <>
Subject [jxpath] Question about Collections and Maps
Date Wed, 15 Feb 2006 21:04:38 GMT

I have a List (a Vector to be specific) that has nothing except HashMaps
in it with all sorts of values in them.. What I am trying to get is find
a fast way to get the specific HashMap that has a key with a specific
value in it.  I thought that JXPath was the way to get but it doesn't
appear to be treating the HashMaps as seperate objects.  I can find out
if one exists with the specific value, and I can set values but I cannot
set a value for a field on a HashMap with a specific value on another key...


[{ID: dude, NAME: Pen}, {ID: man, NAME: Crayon}, {ID: sir, NAME: Pencil}]

How can I set the NAME property of the Hash with the ID man?


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