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From "Muthukumar Arasu" <>
Subject Re: [Help] FTP of files with non english file names
Date Sat, 18 Feb 2006 18:05:46 GMT

Thanks I got it working. But since my code could be run in any locale I used 
the following method given Sun website

setControlEncoding((new OutputStreamWriter(new 

I was trying out the method before, but for some stupid reason I was setting 
the control encoding just before I transferred the files. Then something 
stuck me that the control connection is always present during the lifetime 
and only the data connection is created on the fly. So I moved it to the 
next line after the constructor and it worked fine.

Thanks Daniel.


>From: "Daniel F. Savarese" <>
>Reply-To: "Jakarta Commons Users List" <>
>Subject: Re: [Help] FTP of files with non english file names Date: Sat, 18 
>Feb 2006 00:53:50 -0500
>I wrote:
> >So the answer was in the javadocs all along.  I keep telling myself not
>The javadocs for setControlEncoding actually specifically answer the
>exact question:
>     /**
>      * Sets the character encoding used by the FTP control connection.
>      * Some FTP servers require that commands be issued in a non-ASCII
>      * encoding like UTF-8 so that filenames with multi-byte character
>      * representations (e.g, Big 8) can be specified.
>      *
>      * @param encoding The new character encoding for the control 
>      */
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