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From Mark Shifman <>
Subject [VFS] ftp hangs on initial resolveFile
Date Mon, 27 Feb 2006 19:07:18 GMT
I am trying to use the ftp file system of VFS  and the system just hangs.

String urlstr = 
FileSystemManager fsManager = VFS.getManager();
FileObject ftpdir = fsManager.resolveFile(urlstr);
System.out.println("exists "+ftpdir.exists());

DEBUG [main] - Skipping provider 
"org.apache.commons.vfs.provider.tar.TarFileProvider" because required 
class "org.apache.commons.compress.tar.TarInputStream" is not available.
DEBUG [main] - putFile: 
DEBUG [main] - putFile: ftp://myuser:mypass@myserver/
DEBUG [main] - putFile: ftp://myuser:mypass@myserver/ypedmftp/tmp_yped_files

and it hangs here.

If I use the simple url to get to the server it works:
String urlstr = "ftp://myuser:mypass@myserver/";

exists true

Adding the any path information seems to make things hang.

Using the routine looks appropriate:

System: Windows_NT
#0: 02-10-06  09:56AM                18860 Anderson_410_EST
#0: 02-10-06  09:56AM                18860 Anderson_410_EST
     name:Anderson_410_EST type:0
#1: 11-11-05  03:35PM                28686
#1: 11-11-05  03:35PM                28686 type:0

What am I doing wrong.

thanks in advance.

 Mark Shifman MD. Ph.D.
 Yale Center for Medical Informatics
 Phone (203)737-5219

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