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From Mario Ivankovits <>
Subject Re: [vfs] File Metadata
Date Wed, 15 Feb 2006 16:51:55 GMT
> The one problem I see with the service API is that if I'm trying to
> find metadata for a FileObject, looking in the service API isn't an
> obvious thing to do.
But it is the most powerful solution.

I dont want to change/extend the interface for every single thing we can
imagine in the future.
And one should be able to add commands by simply dropping in a jar.

> Most people when they're starting to learn VFS are going to look for
> some method in the FileObject (or if they're clever in the
> FileContentInfo).  Either of these places are logical places to look
> for metadata methods.
But once they stepped into the service API it should be easily
understandable, no?
And as you say, it isnt that a new concept.

> Any ideas about how we could make it easier for them?
Docs, Wiki, Mailinglist (in this order, I hope ;-) )

Think about how powerful it could be, given the following three things
share the same base class
> Open Office metadata
> Microsoft Office metadata
> MP3/AAC/Ogg metadata
e.g. DocumentInfo which provides something like (title, author, ...)

one can simply lookup  DocumentInfo.class and get these informations. If
one drop in a jar to extract these data from e.g. java files the code
will use it in the second.

I wont say it isnt possible to do this by extending the API, but I think
it will bloat it.


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