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From Mark Fortner <>
Subject [vfs] Out of Memory Exception when making an SFTP connection
Date Wed, 01 Feb 2006 18:39:46 GMT
I've written a simple FileChooser that accesses an SFTP directory.  
However, every time I attempt to do this I get an Out of Memory 
exception.  If I use an FTP URL to access a different site, I have no 
problem connecting.  I'm able to access with this particular SFTP site 
without any problem using other tools like FileZilla.  So my current 
guess is that there's something wrong with the way I'm connecting to the 
SFTP server.

My question is, are there configuration settings, or other parameters 
that I must use to access the SFTP directory?  The documentation is a 
little light on examples.  Currently, all I'm doing is resolving the URL 
to a FileObject and then getting all children of that directory.  The 
URL I'm using follows the pattern specified in the documentation.  (i.e. 
"s" ).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Mark Fortner

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