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From Gabriele Bulfon <>
Subject VFS Smb Tunnel
Date Wed, 01 Feb 2006 14:46:18 GMT
I wrote a wrapper to VFS that pre-parses my URIs to recognize the ones starting with:
This way, I can initialize the ssh tunnel and run the VFS uri into the tunnel.
Currently, I'm testing it with smb, but I ran into trouble.
Because the machine running the tunnel has the default SMB port (139) already busy, I run
the tunnel with local-port 8139 and remote-port 139.
Then I use the VFS URI like: smb://user:pass@
...VFS complains about user/password not correct....
After many tests, I freed the SMB port on the machine running the tunnel, and run the tunnel
with local-port 139 and remote-port 139.
This time I can use default port on VFS URI like :
 or even
and they both works.
The VFS documentations states that for CIFS Uri's, the syntax should let me specify a custom
destination port, but this does not seem to be the case.
To me, it appears that the Smb Provider is always defaulting to port 139...
Am I right?
Thanks for any help.
Gabriele Bulfon - Sonicle S.r.l.
Tel +39 028246016 Int. 30 - Fax +39 028243880
Via Felice Cavallotti 16 - 20089, Rozzano - Milano - ITALY

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