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From robert burrell donkin <>
Subject RE: RE:Commons-logging WSAD5.1
Date Mon, 06 Feb 2006 21:25:13 GMT
On Fri, 2006-02-03 at 11:19 -0600, Srilatha Alase wrote:
> Robert,
>    thanks for correcting..good news is that It worked! I'm able to start and run my application.
> but I'm again back to square one :(

the point is not where you are but what we have learnt :)

we now now that you current configuration of JCL is bridging correctly 
to log4j. therefore, you problems are on the other side of the bridge,
with log4j. 

you know need to do something similar for log4j: find each and every file and remove each one until log4j starts printing
it's warning. then add in a single file to a known

> I'm still seeing some messages when I start the attached is the message list.
> Our project was implemented around in 2002.They used different ways to get an instance
> a log..
> One of the ways was to create a custom Class called common.util.Debug. Please find the
attached Debug class.
> Now we have some classes(ex:MyTestDAO) calling this Debug class to do the logging.(Its
not pretty.. 
> but thats how they implemented).

i understand that it's not your fault but for the record note also that
you'll find the design will lead to a performance degradation: string
concatenation is slow. the guard call (for example, isDebugEnabled) is
intended to allow slow operations such as string concatenation to be

> So In the I kept both the calling classes and the Debug class to WARN.
> all the classes that were using or getting log Instance in a normal way have no problems.


> But the classes
> which are calling Debug classes to log the messages are still printing out the log messages.

can't see any obvious cause in the class

is it possible that common.util.Debug is being loaded by a different
classloader? in this case, it is possible that log4j will be picking up
a different file (see above). you can test this by
removing the file that you use for the classes that
work. if common.util.Debug still logs then it is using a separate
properties file.

> Thanks for all your help!

sorry for being so slow (not been too well over the weekend) 

- robert

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