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From "Dave Seidel" <>
Subject Procrun question: --DependsOn
Date Fri, 10 Feb 2006 20:15:33 GMT
Sorry if this has already been discussed, but it's not in the online FAQ, I
don't see a way to search the list archives, and Bugzilla doesn't turn up
anything relevant....
I'm using procrun on Windows to install/run a customized Tomcat, and I want
to set a couple of service dependences, so I added "--DependsOn ServiceName"
to the //IS command line.  However, this doesn't work -- "sc queryex foo"
shows no dependencies, and when I look at the registry there is no
DependOnService value associated with the service entry.
Can anyone set me straight?  Will I need to twiddle the registry by hand?
Thanks in advance.
- Dave
Dave Seidel <> 

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