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From Gavin Eadie <>
Subject Re: Configuration: Loading multiple property files
Date Wed, 18 Jan 2006 19:33:28 GMT
At 4:51 PM +0600 1/18/06, Roshan Paiva wrote:
>- load multiple property files
>- watch them for changes and
>- have them reloaded if changed without a server restart.

The way the Configuration refresh works, as described in the 
documentation is, "This reloading strategy does not actively monitor 
a configuration file, but is triggered by its associated 
configuration whenever properties are accessed. It then checks the 
configuration file's last modification date and causes a reload if 
this has changed."

>I have done the following, however when I load multiple property 
>files it seems to watch only the first file that was loaded ...

I read this to say that Configuration is not "watching" the files, so 
changing a configuration file is not sufficient to cause a reload, 
but accessing a property that originated in a file which has changed 
does reload the properties from that file.

Have you tried changing both files and reading properties from each 
of them to see what happens?  I've only read the documentation, so 
there may be a bug in the code that causes it to not behave as 
intended.  You could read the code (it's quite short) to see if you 
notice anything amiss.

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