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From Rahul Akolkar <>
Subject Re: [SCXML] How to install Commons SCXML? How to use it?
Date Tue, 10 Jan 2006 21:20:17 GMT
Prepended [SCXML] prefix to email subject per Commons conventions.
Please see comments below.

On 1/10/06, Joseph Olson <> wrote:
> >>> 01/10/06 05:35AM >>>
> > Hello, I am starting to study the use of Commons scxml and I would
> > like to know how I can install and use it.
> >
> > Thanks
> This a very, very small of amount of sample code that uses SCXML
> The application needs to update objects/classes in a certain  seqeunce
> I "attach" a listener for a particular state. With the State engine the
> objects/classes
> are updated in the desired seqeunce

Beatriz -

You'll find some information in the "Commons SCXML Resources" and
"Project Documentation" menus in the left side navigation bar on the
Commons SCXML webpage [1]. Javadocs, API notes and usecases will
probably be most useful. There is much room for improvement to the
docs -- I'm hoping to spend some time on that within the next week or
two -- suggestions are always welcome.

"Installation" really amounts to satisfying the dependencies [2] in
classpath (not all dependencies will be needed, depends on usage).

Ofcourse, Joseph's previous note on this thread has a nice overview
about most things you'll need to know for starters, in the "learn by
example" spirit.

Joseph -

Neat usecase, if you ever feel like writing up a usecase for the
Commons SCXML website, I'll be happy to post it in the usecases
section [3]. Working usecases are great, but not necessary.
Tutorial-style snippets of code are equally useful.



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