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From Kenji Nakamura <>
Subject [configuraiton] Save multiple values in one line
Date Fri, 13 Jan 2006 23:03:50 GMT

I just started to explorer commons-configuration, and got the
following problem.
I'd like to save a property to a file with List type value in one line.
By default, the output looks like this.
key = value1
key = value2

I want to make the output like this.
key = value1, value2

I managed to do this by setting "0"  temporarily as the delimiter in
ProeprtiesConfiguration. However, even after I set back the original
delimiter ',', calling getList() returns a single entry containing
"value1,value2" as the value.
In addition to that, I don't want to change the delimiter because it
is static and affects all threads using AbstractConfiguration and the

Is there a way to save list values in one-line without resorting to
changing the delimiter temporarily?

Thanks in advance,

Kenji Nakamura

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