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From "Josef Wagner" <>
Subject AW: Converting Java Plain Objects (OJB) to XML
Date Thu, 05 Jan 2006 07:57:33 GMT

thanks a lot for your suggestion.

I also have found another way to do this:

    new PropertySuppressionStrategy() {
      public boolean suppressProperty(Class classContainingTheProperty,
        Class propertyType, String propertyName) {
          if (propertyType.equals(Integer.class) ||
            propertyType.equals(String.class) ||
            propertyType.getClass().equals(Long.class) || 
            propertyType.getClass().equals(Float.class) ||  
            propertyType.getClass().equals(BigDecimal.class) || 
            propertyType.equals(Timestamp.class)) {           
              return false;
         return true;

This works also fine.

But know, I have another problem, when reading the XML-Stream

I do the following:
1. Writing different Beans in a Stream

beanWriter.write("myBean1", new MyBean1());
beanWriter.write("myBean2", new MyBean2());
beanWriter.write("myBean3", new MyBean3());

2. Reading the different Beans from the written stream

beanReader.registerBeanClass("myBean1", MyBean1.class);
MyBean1 myBean1 = (MyBean1) beanReader.parse(xmlReader);

beanReader.registerBeanClass("myBean2", MyBean2.class);
MyBean2 myBean2 = (MyBean2) beanReader.parse(xmlReader);

beanReader.registerBeanClass("myBean3", MyBean3.class);
MyBean3 myBean3 = (MyBean3) beanReader.parse(xmlReader);

This way ends in Exceptions. When I write an read only one Bean, all works
fine. Isn't it possible to have more Beans in the XML output?

My second problem is that at this time I haven't the information, which tipe
of Bean (MyBean1, MyBean2, MyBean3) comes as returnvalue, when starting

Thanks a lot for help
Josef Wagner (Germany)

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(excuse my english, but I am an spanish speaker)

You should map each POJO in dot-betwixt file.
if you use the addDefaults tag, use the "hide" tag to
ignore the properties that you don't want to be
If not, just map the properties that you want to be

I hope that it helps


 --- Josef Wagner <> escribió:

> Hello Users,
> I wan't to convert my ojb plain java classes to XML.
> I tried to do this with
> betwixt. When I do this like in the example on the
> Homepage, betwixt
> converts also the referenzed objects to xml. I only
> want, that betwixt
> converts the primitives types (attributes like
> integer, string.) of the
> current class and not the referenced objects. I
> haven't found a flag to
> configure this yet.
> Any idea?
> Thanks a lot
> Josef Wagner

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