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From "anton huber" <>
Subject VFS: How to determine "No Folder Access"
Date Sun, 01 Jan 2006 15:51:25 GMT

Can someone help me on the following VFS question?

On Windows XP I tried to list all files in a folder of another user
but i had no access rights for this folder. So the method
FileObject.getChildren() (commons-vfs-1.0-RC6.jar) returned an empty
FileObject-array (like for an empty folder).
When I used the method i got "null" for this
folder (where i had no access rights) and an empty array for an
empty folder (where i had access rights).

So the behavior of java,io.File-list() is ok.
The behavior of FileObject.getChildren() is misleading. It seems
that there is an empty folder (where no empty folder is).

So how can I determine (with VFS) that there is no access right for a folder
(like with which returns null)?

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