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From Jacob Kjome <>
Subject Re: [VFS] build broken
Date Thu, 05 Jan 2006 05:37:50 GMT

It builds for me just fine.  Are you using the Maven build?  What 
fails?  Note that the buld of WebdavClient that VFS depends on is a special 
snapshot sitting in the apache maven repository, not any official release 
by the webdav project.  See....

same goes for commons-compress...


At 01:46 PM 1/5/2006 +1300, you wrote:
 >Hi there the VFS build seems to be broken, probably for the same reason I
 >cant build from source. The method addRequestHeader on WebDAVResource seems
 >to have gone from the org.apache.webdav library and I cant find a suitable
 >replacement on superficial glance.
 >Is there some archive version somewhere I can play with in the interim if
 >this is going to take some time to be resolved?  I'm possibly keen to add
 >subversion support. Another area of interest is to add URL protocol

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