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From Borut Bolčina <>
Subject Re: [Configuration] Wish list
Date Fri, 27 Jan 2006 17:31:42 GMT
Hello Oliver,
I understand now. I suppose each configuration class can have a well 
defined set of accessor methods (settings) that can be included in 
configuration.xml. If so, then making a schema is a no-brainer. When 
agreed upon, you can send me sample example files and I will make an XML 
Schema (xsd).


Oliver Heger pravi:
> Borut Bolčina wrote:
>> On 26.1.2006 20:53, Oliver Heger wrote:
>>> If a schema is capable to deal with the required flexibility, it would
>>> be really cool to have one. However the XML can become very variable:
>>> One feature that is already supported is the ability of setting
>>> properties on the newly created Configuration objects. For instance you
>>> can write something like that:
>>> <properties fileName="..." lineDelimiter=";"
>>> throwExceptionOnMissing="true"/>
>> Hmmm. IMO setting properties like this isn't in the spirit of
>> separating concerns. Putting entries in this configuration for
>> configurations file (we are talking about configuration.xml aren't
>> we?) introduces another place to look for keys and values. That is
>> added complexity. It should be just as easy to have this entries in
>> regular property file referenced by configuration.xml entry. Don't you
>> think? What is this added value to justify the above example?
> This is probably a missunderstanding. Yes, we are talking about the XML
> file read by ConfigurationFactory. In this file you define your
> configuration objects. Each configuration class can have a set of fields
> (and corresponding accessor methods) that control their behavior, e.g.
> setThrowExceptionOnMissing() or setListDelimiter() (both defined in
> AbstractConfiguration). There must be a way of setting values for these
> fields in the configuration definition file. Otherwise you are forced to
> call these methods by hand after you have retrieved the
> CompositeConfiguration from the ConfigurationFactory.
> Oliver
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