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From "Jeffrey D. Brekke" <>
Subject [vfs] Double slash in ftp url
Date Mon, 23 Jan 2006 02:38:50 GMT

We are attempting to use some of vfs for uniform access to our servers. 
  Some of our FTP servers are VMS based and in certain situations need 
to have an extra / passed with the directory to indicate that there is a 
device present in the path:$common/lib/text.file

VFS seems to be aggressively removing any leading slashes in these cases 
and I can't seem to see a clear way to get this to work.  Is there a way 
to configure the extra slash to remain in the url so

//sys$common/lib is used for the path in our ftp url's?

Jeffrey D. Brekke                         
Wisconsin,  USA                           

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