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From Xav <>
Subject IE vs Firefox
Date Sat, 21 Jan 2006 00:55:32 GMT
Good Morning,

It looks like the fileupload classes parse (or maybe should) the request 
a little bit differently depending if IE or Firefox is used.
I use the following code:

List /* FileItem */items = upload.parseRequest( request ) ;
Iterator iter = items.iterator() ;
*while* ( iter.hasNext() ) {
  FileItem item = (FileItem) ;

When the item object is a file the method item.getName() returns just 
the file's name (ex: fooBar.gif) whereas with IE it returns the full 
path of where the file was on the client side (ex: c:\foo\bar\fooBar.gif).

That might be an IE bug but do you think that the fileupload component 
should be changed so that the method getName() always returns the same 
information regardless of the browser used?

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