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From Mark Fortner <>
Subject Re: [VFS] build broken
Date Thu, 05 Jan 2006 15:27:03 GMT
Mario Ivankovits wrote:

> Hi Mark!
>> Did you do a fresh check out and build from scratch?  I had the same 
>> problem this past weekend.  I ended up commenting out the offending 
>> line.
> Which "offending line"?

In WebdavFileObject there's a line that says:
            fileObject.resource.addRequestHeader("Range", "bytes="
                + filePointer + "-");

Also a number of the get's in the build are failing.  The URLs seem to 
be stale. You may want to re-run it and look at the error msgs.

>> Is there an automated scheduled build and burn of VFS on the Apache 
>> site?
> Sure, the nightly builds. I dont know what you mean by "burn".

A "burn" is an automated run through all of the unit tests.  It lets you 
figure out if recent compilable additions, broke the code.  There's a 
Maven target that allows you to run through the unit tests generates a 
report showing you which ones are failing.

Hope this helps,


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