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From Mark Fortner <>
Subject VFS Questions
Date Mon, 02 Jan 2006 19:42:54 GMT
I've been working on some Swing components that would use VFS to handle 
basic file operations, and I have a few questions about the API.

   1. I seem to recall a swing package with components such as a
      FileChooser that had been created a while back, but I don't see
      them in the HEAD.  Have they been removed for some reason?
   2. The FileObject doesn't seem to support for some of the methods
      that the object has such as length(), isFile(),
      isDirectory(), getLastModified().  Are there any plans to add
      these methods?  I found the rather obscure FileType approach to
      handling (isFile and isDirectory) rather cumbersome and it would
      be nice to have these methods in the FileObject.
   3. What is FileContentInfo?  There are a number of different types of
      files that support different metadata.  Is this meant as a
      universal interface to allow the user to grab that information? 
      If so, are there any examples where this is used?  It would be
      very useful to have, at a minimum, basic support for EXIF
      metadata, MP3 metadata, PDF metadata and Office file metadata.
   4. I'd like to be able to rename a file.  But I don't see a very
      straightforward way of doing it.  There's a move method, and a
      canBeRenamedTo method, but nothing that explicitly allows me to
      rename the file and that takes a string.  This might be added to
      FileUtil if you want to keep the current API the same.
   5. There doesn't seem to be an easy way to "select" a file.  For
      example, if you are creating a table model and you want to display
      a checkbox to indicate that the file is selected, there isn't a
      method like "isSelected" to determine if the file is currently

Mark Fortner

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