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From "Guillermo Bares" <>
Subject Can Betwixt/Digester directly access public data members w/o getters/setters?
Date Wed, 07 Dec 2005 16:10:25 GMT
I am working with some classes that have public data members.  These classes 
are out of my control so I cannot create accessor/mutator methods (i.e. 
getters/setters) for them.  I know that one option would be to encapsulate 
classes in a bean, but there are a relatively large number of classes and 
most are heavily nested.  This would result in the creation of many many 
beans.  I am trying to  avoid the maintainance of all these beans.

1) Is there any way Betwixt can be configured to use the public data members 

2) If there is no configuration mechanism, I am willing to extend the 
Betwixt/Digester frameworks.  I have a couple ideas on where to start, but I 
would like to hear others.

Thank you.

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